Your Resource for Small Business Loan Solutions

JoVai Capital is ready to help you access the small business loan packages backed by the SBA, which means your small company can access some of the most generous loan packages available as easily as our other financial products. That is because we are a preferred provider, which allows us to process our own applications. The result is more responsive service with all the same benefits you expect from Small Business Administration loans.

Acquisition Loans

Loans with terms up to 15 years and fixed rates allow you to buy existing small businesses and keep them running. This keeps employment in communities and helps to preserve institutions those communities love. Companies do have to have incomes below $1.25 million to qualify, but if they do, the acquisition loans will be structured to be effective long-term investments that keep your monthly commitment low.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

When you are looking for facilities for your business, the SBA is there to help. Commercial real estate loans are available for practically any type of property, but your company does have to plan on occupying the majority of the floor space. Choose from a variety of building types:

  • Warehouses and factory spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Auto repair shops and dealerships
  • Office buildings
  • Flagged and unflagged hotels
  • Storefronts
  • Gas stations

Equipment Loans

One of the most well-known programs the Administration offers is the one that makes equipment accessible to new companies with 25 year loans that allow them to dig deep and invest in all the machines they will need to build up to a successful operation. This is possible because of the Administration’s commitment to vetting businesses and to working with lending institutions to support communities, and it helps to ensure you will be able to get what you need to get started as a job provider in your community.

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