Common Challenges Self-Employed Professionals Face

Are you self employed? An increasing number of individuals are, and it is becoming an increasingly preferable way to earn a living in today’s marketplace. While there are certainly many benefits to being your own boss, there can be some downsides. If you have faced any of the following challenges, then it may be time to assess your situation and see how you can improve.

Not Expanding

Many freelancers pay attention on tasks and responsibilities from one day to the next without focusing on how they can expand. This is a mistake because while you may have a few clients at the moment, you never know when a certain job will end. You definitely want to make enough money during the day, but you should also take some time out of each week to focus on expanding your services and selling yourself to new customers.

Having a Do-It-Yourself Mentality 

Businesses have access to a ton of professionals. People who are self employed may simply do everything themselves. That means in addition to being the boss, you are also the accountant, consultant and everything else. This can be tough, and it can wear you down over time. You may be working on your own, but you should still look into hiring an accountant and other professionals from time to time to help you out.

Not Managing Finances Efficiently

Unfortunately, many freelancers do not have an effective financial strategy in place. Many people do not have a monthly budget in place, and they are not taking advantage of as many tax deductions as they could. This is where having an accountant on retainer can be beneficial. If you are going to handle your own finances, then make sure you set aside time each week to look at your books.

Not Having a Safety Net 

If something were to unexpectedly happen to your workload, would you be OK for a little bit until work picked up again? Living paycheck to paycheck can be difficult for people who work standard jobs. It can be disastrous for someone who freelances. Each time you get paid set aside some money in a savings account you do not touch. This will give you a bit of safety in case anything happens.

Being self employed can be extremely rewarding. However, you need to be mindful of the potential downsides and actively work around them. As long as you go about your freelancing wisely, you can have a great career.


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