How to Find Mortgage Information on a Commercial Property

Lender entities and debt brokers often look for mortgage information on commercial properties to see which owners will be the best candidates for refinancing their loans. This is a good way to find prospective customers to reach out to as well as determine what types of rates and terms will be the best for clients who reach out to you. There are three main ways that you can find this information, the traditional way, the specialty company way and the public records way.

The Traditional Way

The more information you have about a commercial property and how the loans for it are structured, the easier it is to see which ones you can help refinance and which ones will not be good candidates for that process. Traditionally, to find information on the loans involved with a specific property you would need to head into your county clerk’s office and ask. This can be a lengthy process which involves physical paperwork and usually a physical search for the relevant information. Many brokers will regulate this task to interns to save time or find a way to search the information online.

The Specialty Company Way

Since more and more professionals are doing business online, finding mortgage information from your computer or mobile device can be a huge time-saver. To help fill this need, specialty companies have started up to make these records searchable in many ways. For instance, you can get a membership with one of these online companies and search for records by the address, the name of the owner and even by the characteristics of the debt.

The Public Records Way

The traditional way involves physically searching public records, but more and more government bodies are taking this information digital. This can help you find what you need more quickly, but you may need to already have specific information to find the right records. This method is a lot quicker than going into the clerk’s office, however, so it can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Finding mortgage information as a debt broker or lending entity can be a time-consuming process. This used to mean physically showing up at the county clerk’s office to do a public records search, but it can now take place largely online. You can even find specialty companies designed to help you search this information more quickly and easily so you can do your due diligence from your office computer or mobile device.


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