How to Start a Commercial Real Estate Career with Ease

If you’re looking at a career in commercial real estate you may be wondering where to start. There’s a lot to know and a lot to learn along the way, but with some helpful advice you could be on your path to a successful career. Take a look at the following tips for some easy things you can do to get started on your new career.

Wait to Sell

In many real estate markets properties tend to accumulate value over time. This means that while it may be tempting to flip and sell a property immediately, you could be missing out on a greater profit. It’s recommended to wait two to three years to sell properties in densely populated areas, although as you gain experience you may develop your own instincts for the best selling point.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Big

When investing in commercial real estate it can be tempting to stay with small investments. However, larger investments not only appreciate faster but can look better in your portfolio. More than that even if the market were to crash you would still have a salvageable tangible asset in your control. If you have the hang of investing and the resources to do so, it’s perfectly acceptable to take advantage of a large investment opportunity. Remember, there is no right time to jump into the market. Waiting simply allows another investor to grab that opportunity first.

Consider a Self-directed IRA

There are a number of reasons to consider using alternate forms of investing. The use of personal funds in order to make an investment is one example of this. If you are planning to use your personal assets you may want to look into a self-directed IRA. A self-directed IRA allows for alternate method of investing your retirement savings meaning you can use these untaxed funds for real estate opportunities. Your financial advisor can answer any questions about this method and recommend the best approach for you.

There’s a lot to know about the commercial real estate business but following these tips can help you on the road to success. Hold onto your assets and let them accumulate value before selling, and don’t be afraid to invest in larger properties when you have the opportunity. Remember, if you have the resources and chance to make an investment it’s a good idea to do so before someone else gets there first. And if you’re considering alternate methods of investment, a self-directed IRA may be something you’ll want to look into.


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