Tips To Striking the Perfect Work-Life Balance

In today’s world, being overworked and highly under-rested is more normal than it used to be. Technology has lessened the load in some parts of life, it has complicated others. Smartphones and laptops make it easy for bosses to keep a tight-leash on employees, even well past closing. All of this extra work can lead to problems in your personal life. Striking the perfect work-life balance may mean scaling back on the tech, and making some small changes that can make significant differences.

Unplug Often

Smartphones have been a blessing, allowing people to keep in touch across the globe with ease. However, there are some drawbacks to all the good phones can do. For starters, emails and texts from bosses or clients may go well into the evening and start back up in the wee morning hours. Many people feel compelled to have their phones with them at all hours of the day and night, even when they are supposed to be enjoying downtime. If you want to get back to a healthy work-life balance, the first step is putting the phone down and staying away from it. Make it known to friends and coworkers that you are offline beginning at a set time every day, and that you will not respond until the following day. Leave your phone at home when out with the family. It is impossible to enjoy the moment when you are buried in a screen.

Exercise Your Body (and Mind)

Regular physical activity is good for your body inside and out. During exercise, even periods of low to moderate activity, the brain releases endorphins, which are the “feel-good” hormone. They circulate through the body and give you a feeling of happiness and contentment. Carving out the time for exercise may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Make a commitment to yourself to get moving every couple of hours. It gives you an excuse to break away from the desk and take a few laps around the block. If you can’t leave your work area for more than a few minutes at a time, find a flight of stairs to walk up and down. Any movement will keep your brain and body in good shape.

Trying to achieve a solid work-life balance is going to take time and adjustment. Making small changes, like putting the phone down more often and taking some time to get out and move, may have long-lasting impacts.


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